The next revolution in 
AI-powered indoor visualization.

Scan, analyze, and augment your assets like never before.

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Capture any space in a breeze

Scan, analyze, and augment your assets like never before.

10x faster than most competitors

Create a digital twin for all your spaces

Floor plans, measurements, equipment inventory and many more: turn your collected data into a 3D augmented digital twin.

1k+ structured data types available

Augment your collected data with Artificial Intelligence

Annotate your space easily during the capture and let our AI do its magic with automated detection.

Models trained on 20M+ annotated images

Focus on your business. We’ll do the rest.

Collect, visualize and structure your data with InSpacer and eliminate the need for in-person inspections. Learn more about how InSpacer can streamline your industry workflows.

Real estate professionals

Take your virtual tours to the next level and automate all your property management tasks.

Insurance companies

Generate AI-powered pre-estimates and automate up to 70% of your claims.

Energy providers

Integrate your GIS software data and empower your maintenance team on the ground.

A technology trusted by more than 500 companies

Since 2018, our parent company Check & Visit helps property managers to automate their tasks to improve reliability, productivity and profitability.

A cutting-edge technology stack

Artificial Intelligence

We use Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) to reconstruct breathtaking 3D views out of 2D images.

Image & Data analysis

We have developed state-of-the-art image and data analysis algorithms — so good they have been patented 3 times.

3D capture and modeling

Our team has dozens years of experience in 3D visualization, thanks to their previous careers in the robotics and video game industry.

The future of  asset management. Available very soon.